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Sun Blind

by Sun Blind

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Letting Go 04:08
Vs1 our eyes close for the first time and we both know the truth that love is just a ruse for the confused and we’re always so relentless battering our senses. Pre-chorus It’s not the first time closing our eyes closing our eyes Vs 2 Pulling down forbidden fruit its always what we do embracing the abuse ignoring learning truth Chorus It’s stuck in my throat It’s everything i’ve known A poisoning of the soul I’m poised On Letting Go Bridge we breathe out everything we’ve known Un-damning these dead bones
Verse 1: Dry Forest, you think that you're right When you say, the rain can never come that way And I know you can't be right But one spark is enough to burn it all away PreChorus: Mouth filled with knives So I'll do my best not to say a word Chorus:
 Walk away, Filled with shame of me A thousand miles can't make this change but you leave. Verse 2: When you can't see the space past your leafs I'm left with words in my throat Those words like knives sparked a fire But all you see are plumes of smoke PreChorus Chorus Bridge: I'd cut my tongue And come undone as I cut my tongue
and I felt a strain in my neck during that six year stretch. And I felt weighed down in senselessness longing for days when was reckless. Chorus And So it’s all on me It’s Something I Can’t Change it’s what you want it’s who I’ll never be. And I gave way as you refused to speak the words that you know will only cut me through And I Sinking down to the bottom of everything between you and me. And there’s a truth To be found beneath the roots of you and me. Bridge You cut me loose like it was all you could do. You cut me loose. Guess I should thank you.
Porch Light 05:30
Verse 1 Leave me alone where i sleep now This not your home It's easy to see how love dried up Locked me in and hoped it’d grow Pre Chorus 1 Lock me in a tiny cage. pinned me down like a keepsake and act surprised when i break Over and over Verse 2 Leave me alone I’m on the outside watching our cherry tree die “Maybe Leave on the porch light” I’ll unstitch you from my side. Pre Chorus 2 failure starts to creep in, that defeat feels crippling living the patterns of what you said Over cause you found love at least that’s what why you said it was, over
Let You In 04:21
Vs 1 I never thought I’d share my bed with another woman for the night our skin was so close i couldn’t let you go That body wrapped around me so tight Chorus 1 Sunday I let you I let you in Someday I’ll fully let someone in Vs 2 I thought i’d be fine i thought this body was mine thought i could do it one more time I’m Learning more about the soul i always talked about I don’t my left from my right Chorus 2 when Feel you think you understand yourself Someone goes and throws your books off the shelf Vs 3 I don’t know when i got so old i can feel it feel it in my soul that crushing hole they say that there’s no man that can tear you two apart well she ripped out my God Damned heart Ending Chorus I feel i can feel it torn at the seems So Blue eyes lay down by my side
we almost made it though the winter the snow weighed down our tree We made plans for a family then someone weakened your knees you said “I can’t change anymore ! i expect the same of you ” So what would you like to do?” like i’d one God damn clue. Vs 2 You moved out in a hurry like you had some sort of plan like you’re set to get married repeat it all again I hope you enjoy Boston He’ll have just the same God i know it was quick when you your heart on him Is the end that You were waiting for Is the the way you laid me into your dreams to lay me down at your feet you were always laying me down laying me down at your feet Vs 3 I hope your happy now obsessed with princes dreams God forbid i had my piece God forbid i had my needs I hope you enjoy Boston I hope he enjoys you Like a noose around his neck just like when i Married you.
Ghost 04:01
Vs 1 Talk with me in whisperings with Idealistic Transparencies Chorus My conversations with a ghost leave my questions in such repose. In such repose Vs 2 We'd walk through walls just to prove we’re wrong but now it’s gone the belief that made us stand so strong Chorus My conversations with a ghost leave my questions in such repose. In such repose Outro We’d walk through walls just to prove we’re We’d walk through walls we were ghosts all a long.
Circles 04:21
Your eyes move from blue to green so suddenly in a crowded room you follow my eyes repeatedly Chorus Around in my head watching the floor spin Where circles begin that’s where we’ll end. Vs 2 Jealousy creeps down your spine so easily If there's truth then you should take me honestly Bridge Start where we began
Vs1 Happy birthday You never said good bye one last time February was the last time i saw you buying drinks It was last call when we left that town it was the last time I would see your face now Chorus You never know when a friends gonna go vs 2 I see a picture of you and me on my wall it still stings knowing the bravest of us can still fall There’s a darkness that creeps up into our minds some can fight it and some it will take their light. Chorus You never know when a friends gonna go Bridge so Happy birthday I wish we could have one more drink
1226 03:42
I remember that December, the weights that were in my head. The heavy steps that we fake for those God Damned promises that we made in front of the people that we love my grandfather said “what are you thinking son?” Chorus Said “I’m in love”. What where you thinking of ? Said “I’m in love”. What where you thinking Son? Vs 2 So let’s fast forward a couple years standing in the kitchen in your tears cause you don’t have that picket fence, a positive on that white strip. You take what you want in the name of love until I lose faith and resolve Are you in love or just in love with being in love? When you said you loved me, did ever mean a thing? Are you in love? Are you in love? Are you in love? I lost my faith in love Are you in love?


released January 5, 2019


all rights reserved



Sun Blind Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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